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Combine your study with unforgettable cultural experiences: If you are still hesitating if you should choose Denmark as a country of your international study experience, we would advise you to research on the Danish Educational System and consider the following statements: Our qualifications are recognized all over the world We concentrate on your unique personality and talents We promote creativity and innovation We provide a fair balance between theory and practical experience You are safe here Denmark is the safest country in Europe 02 What will you learn? Bachelor of Education is a four-year programme, which qualifies you to be a teacher of primary and lower secondary levels in Denmark see facts on Danish educational system in three subjects of your choice. This programme is a mixture of theoretical instruction and educational studies combined with the practical experience of teaching. Structure and Curriculum For our specific programme, there will be a specially designed syllabus for the incoming international students. Here is an overview of the structure of the four-year programme. During your first year you are taught to become a teacher of a foreign language – English or German the language of instruction is accordingly English or German – a matter of your choice. You will be integrated in a class of Danish students. You will also be studying modules in psychology and education taught in English, as well as participating in the first period of teaching practice at a school.


Become smarter here The freedom to read and write Thanks to modern, digital tools, dyslexia or reading and writing difficulties are no longer an obstable to getting an education, climbing the career ladder or interacting on the social medias. Our tools, IntoWords, can be used as a personal aid to compensate for any reading and writing difficulties. Or as a teaching aid that helps everyone to read and write better, in other languages, too!

Access to knowledge, education and community By reading aloud, IntoWords frees up your ressources, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. This gives you access to the same information as your schoolmates, colleagues and friends, allowing you to participate in professional and social conversations on equal terms. Richer language and more correct writing The word suggestions allow you to write even if you have difficulty spelling.

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Essentially, the problem is that companies will often refuse to sign any Confidentiality Agreement in the earliest stages of introduction. But any presentation of confidential material without a Confidentiality Agreement poses a major risk to any new invention not yet protected by a patent. In the field of industry-university collaboration or venture investing, a research team will need to produce a non-confidential proposal.

These proposals are very different to an academic grant application, where the technology drives the process. Instead, a company or investor wants to learn about the potential commercial value. Companies and investors receive thousands of presentations. They simply do not have time to read detailed research presentations. Focus on what the technology does Unlike a scientific presentation, a non-confidential presentation reveals none of the technicalities of the invention.

Legally speaking, it does not reveal what the inventive step consists of. Instead, it focuses purely on what the technology does and how that is useful from a commercial perspective. Key points to include in your presentation:

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Research that makes a difference Be a part of shaping the healthcare of the future. We pride ourselves on innovation, and our rich history of pioneering advances within the health sector. Collaboration and creating new knowledge is central to our activity as a science-based University College, and evidence based research is at the heart of everything we do.

Be a part of our projects and partnerships and improve communities by finding solutions to helping others achieve healthier lives.

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Read more about the application process and student categories under Application and fees. Please note that exam will start on the first teaching day and will run in parallel with the course. Specially for international students The Programme provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to study in a truly international environment and combine high-quality learning with an unforgettable summer experience.

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Download Chrome for Linux Please select your download package: There may be a community-supported version for your distribution here. Source code for Google Chrome is available free of charge under open source software license agreements at https: Your relationship with Google 1. This document explains how the agreement is made up, and sets out some of the terms of that agreement.

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er Danmarks største datingside med flest aktive singler tæt på dig. Kom ind og vær med. Opret en gratis profil med det samme.

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Study on or off Campus This is your learning agenda. So when it comes to the method of study, we let you choose. If you want to mix with fellow students in an environment of mutual learning, then you can enroll to attend classes in Kuala Lumpur or with one of our collaborative learning partners. Online Independent Study Every programme we offer can be studied from anywhere in the world. That means you can study on your own, at your own pace, without attending classes in Kuala Lumpur or at one of our international collaborative learning partner.

Delivered via self-study and web-based resources, our online distance learning enable you to study for a qualification without needing to relocate, apply for student visa or leave your job.

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History[ edit ] The geographic layout of Denmark not including Greenland and the Faroe Islands has a coastline to land area ratio of 1: By comparison, the figure for the Netherlands is 1: They were often based in a small number of villages, usually with a common defence agreement; Viking ships , usually of the Knarr type, were light, and therefore easy to transport from village to village over land.

With time, the defence pacts gave rise to larger, more offensive fleets which the Vikings used for plundering coastal areas. In the period after the Vikings, and up to the 15th century, the fleet consisted mainly of merchant vessels. Indeed, it is said that king Valdemar Sejr had more than 1, ships during the conquest of Estonia in Together they carried more than 30, soldiers with horses and supplies.

Records exist of a unified Danish navy from the late 14th century.


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She was the second person to grasp that office in the administration of President George W. During his first term, making the first woman to serve in that position, Rice was President Bush’s National Security Advisor. From the year to , she served as Provost and was a professor of political science at Stanford University, before joining the Bush administration. After many ups and downs and continuous effort, today Rice is one of the talented and successful American political scientist and diplomats.

She was born on November 14, in Birmingham, Alabama. Her mother was a high school science, music, and oratory teacher whereas her father was a high school guidance counselor and Presbyterian minister.

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If SDU stopped your enrolment in the programme, you can only start again if you can prove that your chances of completing the programme have bettered significantly. You have to present a written statement As part of your application, you have to upload a written statement explaining how your chances of completing the programme has bettered significantly. You have to present the matters which you think are relevant as to your chances of completing the programme.

For instance you can draw on:

dating, reviews, sites for, speed, plus, dating hilfiger, tilbud, herre, jakke Om Engelske hestenavne: tml Danske letter “å” is pronounced like “aw”.Note: A lightning rod is a long metal strip, one end of which is fixed on the roof of a building, with the other end in the ground to protect the building from being damaged by.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics PPE brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the world around us, developing skills useful for a whole range of careers and activities. Philosophy Philosophy study will help you develop analytical rigour and the ability to criticise and reason logically, and be able to apply these skills to questions concerning how we acquire knowledge or make ethical judgements.

Politics Politics provides a thorough understanding of the impact of political institutions on modern societies. It helps you to evaluate the choices that political systems must regularly make, to explain the processes that maintain or change those systems, and to examine the concepts and values used in political analysis.

Economics Economics is the study of how consumers, firms and government make decisions that together determine how resources are allocated. An appreciation of economics has become increasingly necessary to make sense of governmental policy-making, the conduct of businesses, and the enormous economic transformations throughout the world.


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Other international students and visitors are required to apply for a visa. A visa allows you to stay for a maximum of 90 days. Please note that if you wish to stay in Denmark for a longer period you must apply for a residence permit before coming to Denmark. Please be aware that it does NOT grant you the right to work in Denmark. Check if you need a visa You can find a list of countries whose citizens must have a visa to enter Denmark on the Danish Immigration Service’s website The Danish embassy or consulate in your home country can also inform you whether you need a visa to enter Denmark.

There are three main groups of students: Read about the application for residence permit Work as a student As an international student in a higher educational programme or a qualifying course approved by the Danish Ministry of Education, you are only allowed to work the number of hours stated in your residence and work permit. Read more on the official portal for foreigners, New to Denmark More information You can find more information about current procedures, rules and regulations for immigration to Denmark on the following websites:


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