What is dez from austin and ally real name

After becoming an “overnight” internet sensation by performing a song he’d overheard Ally singing, Ally tracks him down to confront him for theft, but they eventually become friends instead and decide to form a musical partnership. His partnership with Ally is initially built on the idea that “she writes, he rocks”; Ally is a brilliant songwriter but is too timid to perform her own music, while Austin loves to perform but is unable to write for himself. His best friend is Dez, who directs and films all of his music videos for him, and his manager is Trish. She originally wrote for herself, but after Austin accidentally stole one of her songs and became an internet sensation as a result, she and her best friend Trish track him down, and she eventually becomes his musical partner and songwriter. Her partnership with Austin is initially built on the idea that “she writes, he rocks”; Ally is a brilliant songwriter but is too timid to perform her own music, while Austin loves to perform but is unable to write for himself. She gives music lessons and teaches students about being a performer at the Music Factory in Season 4. She is sarcastic, vindictive, has little patience and a bit of a temper, but cares very much for her friends. Her jobs change frequently due to her lack of effort and presence at work.

Austin and Ally It Up!

Trish and Dez spend time together and realize they have more in common than they thought. They love to hang out a lot. They both dressed up like Zaliens at the horror movie convention.

Ally writes the song, Austin sings it, Trish is Austin’s manager and personal stylist, and Austin’s friend Dez is their producer and music video maker. Will Austin and Ally make it .

Dez likes Ally, so does Austin. And Trish likes Dez, but so does Ally now. And Ally thinks that Austin and Trish are dating, and doesn’t hang out with them anymore. And Dez can’t help but feel jealous about how much time the “new couple” spends together. A totally crazy mixed up story about crushes, heartbreak, and more!

BUT, i will need all of your help. Good anyway, ill stop talking so you can read my story. Who’s it Gonna Be? She claims that she won’t ever shop here at sonic boom again. But her threat is highly unlikely when you put into account two things: But hopefully, she will never have a need to come to this store again. Just as the troll leaves, Trish walks in, once again modeling a new uniform.

Another Auslly Love Story: Season 1

The Smart Girl – Trish, for her managerial skills. Austin is sanguine, Trish is choleric, Ally is melancholic, and Dez is phlegmatic. Tilly’s excuse for hating Ally is seen as a pretty lousy reason. Dez’s whole wardrobe consists of these and cardigans. Ally is very short and skinny. Ally’s part of one, which is part of why it takes her so long to complete songs for Austin.

Austin:oh and dress nicly (looking at trish to tell her to help ally)look i gtg sut it up be back later ill meet you at your room at 7?! Ally:k bye Austin:bye *pecks her on lips*.

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Who’s it Gonna Be Chapter 1, an austin & ally fanfic

Trish and Dez spend time together and realize they have more in common than they thought. They love to hang out a lot. They both dressed up like Zaliens at the horror movie convention. They do the “Zalien Brain Suck”. They appear to have the same favorite number:

Austin & Ally Dez & Trish and R5 Cd9. Sp S on S so S red S · October 26, · saludos soy. R5boy no he estado en la página por asuntos de colegio. Austin & Ally Dez & Trish and R5 Cd9. Sp S on S so S red S · April 2, · Debido a problemas no he subido nada pero ya comenzare a investigar a R5 y Austin and Ally. See All.

Edit Austin’s dad had told him that he has a bazillion to one chance to make it in the music business, and Austin wants to prove him wrong. Mimi Moon Austin’s mom appears in Successes,Songs, and Setbacks where we find out she is the “queen” of Moon’s Mattress King Trivia Austin wanted to be an over night internet sensation since the 4th grade.

When he was 9, he had chicken pox. When the series was first picked up, in the pilot Austin’s name was to be Austin Ray. He likes all sorts of foods including: He likes horror movies. He has a Tweeter account and has over 5, followers.

Trish De La Rosa

She was a recurring character in Seasons 3 and 4. Contents [ show ] Personality Carrie’s personality is very similar to Dez ‘s. She is a very sweet and pleasant girl but is a bit of an airhead and is very clueless, slightly more dumber than Dez.

Austin & Ally: 25 years later. ake a look into the future lives of Austin and Ally! What happened to them? Wheres Trish and Dez? Baby Moon (ON HOLD) Austin and Ally were best friends. and realizes that Dallas is a cheater so she decides to get Dallas she will cheat on him with Austin. Austin knows there dating. But the one thing he wants is.

It’s an emotional reunion in Miami for Ally’s concert. Episode 2 Austin takes a job at Moon’s Mattress Kingdom. Episode 3 Grand Openings and Great Expectations The gang teaches total novices how to play in a band. Episode 4 Austin learns that he’s a credit short at school. Episode 5 Ally tries to unlock a student’s hidden music talent. Trish and Dez suspect they have ulterior motives. Episode 8 Austin begins singing in disguise at a karaoke club.

Austin wants to surprise Ally by teaching his students one of her songs. Episode 10 Ally’s dancing abilities are questioned. Episode 11 A stolen songbook leads to a “Whodunnit?

Kisses & Crushes

United States Copyright Office. The group is devastated about her departure and they do not want her to leave. When they get there, the power in the houseboat goes out. He made a video of him singing the song, which is similar to the video for.

Auslly (Aus /tin a nd A /lly) is the romantic pairing of Austin Moon and Ally Dawson in the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally. They start dating in the episode Partners & Parachutes. They start dating in the episode Partners & Parachutes.

Rocky Blue, and Cece Jones go to Miami for vacation, and for a song. Basically another one of Cece’s schemes to get the girls a spotlight dance. Transcript Edit I walked into the practice room. Ally wasn’t there yet so I sat down at the piano. Her book was laying out. She must have been working on a new song.

I read it and almost passed out. This was by FAR her best song ever! The lyrics were all so really great and the tune was amazing and super catchy. Are you reading my book again? It was laying out anyway. Please don’t freak out. I didn’t read anything else, I promise.

Kangaroos & Chaos

In the show, Ally has strong stage fright fear of being on a stage in front of many people. He becomes famous from it after his best friend Dez Calum Worthy helps him make a music video for the song and posts it on the internet. Ally is convinced by her best friend Trish Raini Rodriguez to tell people she wrote the song. Austin convinces Ally to join him to write songs.

Ally is best friends with Trish, Austin, and also Dez. Her parents are Lester and Penny Dawson. She has always had a passion for music and feels that there’s no better way to express what you’re feeling.

There are various reasons someone might do this. One of the most common is that the saboteur is in love with one of the people in the relationship , and is willing to stoop pretty low to “correct” this situation. In extreme cases, they may even try to Murder the Hypotenuse. Alternatively, it could be that they just want Revenge for something, or that they want to free up one of the parties for a bit of gold digging , or that they’re simply bitter that someone else is so happy and they’re not.

Sometimes, they may even be acting from a genuine, well-intentioned, and possibly even accurate belief that their friend has made a poor choice or should have chosen someone else. The range of techniques available to a relationship saboteur is similarly varied. Lying is popular – you just need to make one half of the relationship look bad, such as by fabricating evidence of an affair or trying to make them flunk a Fidelity Test.

It could be as simple as giving deliberately lousy relationship advice. If the relationship is fairly new, being a deliberate Moment Killer might be an option, and might prompt the saboteur to follow the targets on dates. See also Break Up Demand for a different method of achieving the same goal. If a character simply makes their dislike of the pairing known, it’s probably just a Shipping Torpedo.

Dez and Carrie getting back together

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